AMAC's Leadership Summit

Clarence LeJeune, President of LeJeune and Associates represented the firm at the Airport Minority Advisory Council's (AMAC) March 20-21, 2018 Leadership Summit in Washington, DC.  A long-time supporter of AMAC, LeJeune and Associates attends this annual event to network with peers, industry leaders, and government representatives; advocate for more opportunities in aviation; and serve as an information resource for elected officials.  

 Clarence Lejeune with AMAC President/CEO, Krystal Brumfield

Clarence Lejeune with AMAC President/CEO, Krystal Brumfield

LeJeune and Associates Supports Ronald McDonald House

Mel Hannah, Vice President of LeJeune and Associates, led MarketPlace PHL's team to victory in the 10th Annual Ronald McDonald House Plane Pull fundraiser held on May 5, 2018.  Under his leadership, Mel's team accelerated against worthy challengers, pulling the plane in the fastest time.  This was not only a friendly competitive victory, but a triumph for the Ronald McDonald House, which supports families of seriously ill children while they are undergoing treatment.  LeJeune and Associates' efforts helped raise nearly $170,000 for the organization at this event.


Philadelphia International Transforms Terminal B with New Approach to Holdrooms & Concessions

Philadelphia isn’t only about the Liberty Bell and other key pieces of U.S. history. It’s also the site of a new and innovative approach to airport design and concessions. In October, Philadelphia International (PHL) cut the ribbon on a completely renovated Terminal B and formally marked the end of its $48 million stem-to-stern overhaul. 

Some project officials describe the new concourse as one giant concessions area with boarding gates sprinkled throughout. Passengers use iPads secured to holdroom seating to order food and beverages, which vendor staff deliver to them gateside. 

PHL Creates Award-Winning ACDBE Program through DBE Partnership

The Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) has developed an award-winning Airport Concessions Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (ACDBE) program with the assistance of Marketplace PHL, its concessions management business partner.


The Office of Property Management and Business Development has a concessions management contract with Marketplace PHL, a joint venture between Marketplace Development Inc. and LeJeune and Associates, to operate the concessions program at the airport. Marketplace Development is a Boston-based airport concessions development and management firm operating in several U.S. airports, while LeJeune and Associates is a Philadelphia-based DBE firm that specializes in airport concessions operations management. LeJeune and Associates (LeJeune) is a certified DBE firm and has a 30 percent stake in the joint venture relationship.

Much of the day-to-day administration work with ACDBE firms is done by LeJeune, who is responsible for managing the daily operations of the PHL concessions program. "Our role in the Marketplace PHL joint venture is to manage the daily concession operation," said LeJeune president Clarence LeJeune. "Our background is retail operations management and we have moved into airport concessions management with this opportunity." LeJeune manages the leasing operations, design and construction of concessions, merchant compliance, security, outreach and compliance with the ACDBE program.